The Logo

Wild Waterways Adventure Logo

What does the Wild Waterways Adventures logo have to do with immersing oneself in nature you might ask? It is a symbol for nature at the most fundamental level.

The design in the logo is made from a mathematical phenomenon found all throughout nature, called the Golden Ratio. Also referred to as the Fibonacci SequenceNatures Secret Code. The Fibonacci sequence reflects patterns of growth spirals found in nature.

This universal fractal (never-ending pattern) has a sequence of numbers that unfold in an infinite pattern. The Fibonacci numbers, use a logarithmic spiral where every quarter turn is farther from the origin by a factor of Phi (1.618), the Golden Ratio. The ratio is found everywhere in nature, art, and in the geometries of ancient architecture.

The Golden Ratio’s spiral patterns are found in pinecones, seashells, waves, meltwater molecules, galaxies, plants, hurricanes, and the human body. The pattern is universal and contains the program for life. Therefore, the Golden Ratio is a perfect symbol for wilderness and wellness adventures in Nature.

The waves in the logo represent water, since all our tours are accessed by the ocean, and the Golden Ratio in our logo is a mathematical representation and symbol for nature.