Biggs Orca and Salish Sea Herring


Biggs Orca and Salish Sea Herring operates daily from mid February-April 30th
Duration Full Day 4 hrs

Easter Weekend Promo-Use Promo Code CX8910 to receive 15% off, valid April 8.9.10 only. Each year in the early spring the Salish Sea is revived by an epic annual migration of Pacific herring. This migration is referred to as a pulse of biomass by marine biologists, that brings a much anticipated wave of energy to our home waters. Large Apex predators like Biggs Orca and Steller sea lions migrate for this celebration. Mid February- May is when we get the most consistent Biggs orca sightings. Do it for the Adventure and immerse yourself into one of the Salish Sea’s most extraordinary natural phenomenons. These early season trips head out of Comox Valley Marina, from mid February-April 30th. In May we are back up in Campbell River & Quadra Island.

Tens of thousands of Pacific herring migrate from offshore to nearshore habitats to spawn en masse in one of natures most spectacular events. Nearshore waters fill with chalky white milt and eggs, drifting for many kilometres along the coastline. The spawning herring and their eggs attract an abundance of predators at a time when food sources are low-this forage will last for several weeks (Raincoast Conservation Foundation et al). You can expect to see a variety of predators such as whales, sea lions, seals, eagles, and marine birds.

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* This tour operates from daily from mid February to April 30th in Comox, BC.

Commercial fishing fleets have exploited the migrations of herring for decades in a sac roe fishery South of Quadra Island. These fisheries are depleting this precious resource for wildlife and have impacted traditional, Aboriginal roe-on-kelp fisheries coast wide. With 80% of herring fisheries closed in BC, it is our hope this great migration of herring will be preserved for future generations to come. For this reason we donate a portion of our proceeds from each tour to the Conservancy of Hornby Island. This conservancy is a wonderful nonprofit that is working towards Pacific herring conservation initiatives in the Northern Gulf Islands.


Adventure Details


  • Bookings available from mid February-April 30th

  • Certified Naturalist, Guide and Boat Captain.

  • Please be advised the minimum age for this tour is 4 years old.

  • 11 people max

  • Organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and a snacks are included

  • As of July 1st 2021 Masks are not required and up to the individual preference.

  • Sanitized Mustang Survival Suits, Toques/Beanies, Light Gloves & Goggles, Dry Bags are provided.

  • Hydrophone (under water microphone) to eavesdrop on whales talking in the water, if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Minimum of 4 people required to run the charter.

    In the event that your adventure does not book at least 4 people we can move your party of 2 or 3 to another date and time, or provide you with a refund or gift card. Most of the time we make the minimum capacity, thank you for your patience.

Rates & Additional Information


Adventure Rates and Associated Costs

  • Adult: $155 + $3 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.
  • Kids 12 and under: $144 (12 & under) + $3 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.
  • Private: $1111 + $13 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.
  • 13% Fuel Surcharge
  • Gratuities are customary in Canada, but not included in rates and are at your discretion if you choose to tip your guide.

What to bring

  • Warm layers, dress for skiing in the early spring.
  • Hand warmers/neck warmers
  • A reusable water bottle (water provided).
  • Rain Gear is a good idea on rainy forecasts, if you have it to wear under floater suits provided. Rain gear is not a requirement.
  • Don’t forget your camera and sunscreen!


Boat and Gear Sanitization

Boat and Gear sanitation provided by Envirocleanse-A, also known as “Anolite,” is a next gen commercial disinfectant that is non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and EPA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 ( For more information on our covid protocols see our covid safety plan in our Health and Safety Policy

Bathroom Breaks

  • There are accessible washrooms at the beginning and end of all tours. During tours, we can stop for bathroom breaks, but do not have washrooms on the boat.
  • Due to covid we may not have access to public washrooms on lunch breaks. In this case we will offer intertidal and or bush walks for restroom purposes that include toiletries and sanitizer. Welcome to the Great Outdoors!