Yes, we are open for bookings as of April 1st, 2021. We have implemented Covid-19 Best Practices to ensure the safety of our staff members and guests. You can find our COVID-19 policies here.

If your are interested in chartering us for any reason, give us a call or email.  

We can accommodate:

  • photo tours
  • yacht services
  • water taxi
  • expeditions
  • fishing

 and more!

We are members of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association NIMMSA. We follow a code of conduct outlined by NIMMSA on the water while viewing marine mammals. We view Killer Whales a 200 M and Humpback Whales at 100 M. See the NIMMSA code of conduct for more information. 

• We have no guarantee that you will see a particular species on any tour, however it is very rare that we go out and don’t see even one whale on a whale watching tour, or don’t see one bear on a bear tour, we generally always see at least one, usually more than one.
• For wildlife tours we do guarantee you will see some kind of animal or bird species on the adventure.

• The best time of year is in spring, summer and fall. Each season brings with it a new migration of different types of wildlife to enjoy.

• If you’re interested in seeing Killer Whales the spring is the best time from March-May, early-mid summer are good times for Biggs (mammal eating ecotype). Northern Resident Killer Whales (salmon eating ecotype) move in and out of our range throughout the winter, spring and summer.

• If you’re interested in seeing Humpback Whales, June, (July, August and September) are your best chances since they are here foraging here during this time.

• If you’re interested in seeing Black Bears and Grizzly Bears with us, be sure to come out in May, June, and July (Aug can slow down a bit). On Grizzly Bear and Black Bear tours come in late spring/early summer with us at WWA. In August, September and early October you can watch Grizzly’s feast on salmon, (we do not offer Grizzly Bear specific adventures yet).

• We go search the intertidal shoreline for bears feeding on sedges and grasses and many types of intertidal treats! We search through the islands, mainland fjords, estuaries and inlets. We view them by boat only.

• If you want to see Bald Eagles the best time to come out is in the spring and summer months, this area is famous for a natural phenomenon that takes place with Bald Eagles feeding in the tidal rapids. In late August and early fall many of them leave to go up the salmon bearing rivers and streams, but they are still around, just not as many.

• On the Great Bear Adventure the minimum age is 8 years old, we must stay quiet. On the Tree of Life Adventure the minimum age is 5 years old. And on every other adventure the minimum age is 4 years old.

• Our boats are Transport Canada Certified, 24’-12 Passenger Bombard Zodiac 300HP and a 920 Hurricane 600 HP, fully rigged up for ocean adventures. Each vessel has a maximum capacity of 11 people.  

• We can take 12 people if your group has 3 children, if not we can accommodate 11 adults maximum. We generally take 11 people.

• There are accessible washrooms at the beginning and end of all tours and a bathroom break on each tour. However, we do not have washrooms on boat.

On early season adventures on rare occasions we offer intertidal and or bush walks for bathroom breaks that include toiletries and sanitizer. Welcome to the Great Outdoors!

Yes you can come on tours if you get sea sick. Because we are on the East shore of Vancouver Island we do not get the ocean swell that the West Coast gets in the summer months. People that struggle with sea sickness fare better on the inshore tours. We have never had a sea sick guest.  

• Weather conditions vary on the East shore of Vancouver Island, however we do not have ocean swell here in the fall/spring/summer time, so the tour is more forgiving than the West Coast if you get seasick easily. Wherever we travel on the tours we can usually tuck in and out of bad weather with many protected areas in the islands and the mainland fjords. On a rare occasion if winds pick up to 25 knots or more we may need to reschedule or refund.
• The best warm weather is usually June, July, August. In spring it can be cooler and or wet, but it can be wet in the summer as well, this is the Pacific Northwest after all! In the fall it can be hot or cooler, it just depends on the year.

• Bring warm layers (you can always take them off), it can be cold even when it’s hot at the dock. On Southeast forecasts (rain), a rain jacket shell is always nice to have under the floater suits. Pack your camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and your own reusable water bottle. You can bring a hat but they can fly off, remember boats are fast so there is always a breeze even on a hot sunny day.

• Yes, we have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free lunch options available on all adventures. At the time of booking you will be prompted to give us any food restrictions and allergies we need to be aware of.

• Yes you can participate. However, it is not recommended to come out with us on bad weather forecasts during any point in your pregnancy, we still run tours when it can be rainy, bumpy and or rough out. It is advised not to come out on any tours during your last trimester. You can call us a couple days ahead of time to check the forecast.

• Departures depend on bookings and where guests are staying. Departures can be arranged for groups from Campbell River at Coast Marina (Ferry Berth) and Quadra Island – Quathiaski Cove (Ferry Berth) | Cortes Island (Private Charters or groups of 4 or more only) at Manson’s Landing or Gorge Harbour Resort.

• The spectacular Discovery Islands Archipelago, where Quadra is centrally located, is between the Southern border of the Great Bear Rainforest and Northern Boarder of the Salish Sea, nestled between Campbell River on North-Central Vancouver Island and the Coast Mountains of the mainland in BC Canada.

Quadra Island is on the Traditional Lands and Territories of the We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum First Nations.

• All activities and programs are subject to the signing of a waiver. If guests do not accept the terms of our release agreement they won’t be able to participate in the excursion.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

  • Full payment is required at the time of booking. WWA requires 48 hours notice for cancellation.
  •  Cancellation policy for the Octopus Islands Kayaking and Wildlife Adventure (OIKW) is different, see OIKW page for details.