Tree of Life


Tree hugging with an old growth Western redcedar tree in the PNW

Zodiac, Wildlife, Hiking and Forest Bathing Adventure - Duration 6-7 hours

The Tree of Life, Vancouver Island Hiking Adventure is a thoughtfully curated tour designed to promote wellness and introduce guests to the Indigenous, cultural values and medicines of the southern Great Bear Rainforest. This adventure combines an exhilarating zodiac tour,  while viewing whales and wildlife on route to an extraordinary hike in an ancient cedars cathedral grove. Our destination is Blind Channel Resort on West Thurlow Island, where the Tree of Life – an Ancient Western redcedar resides. On our way to Blind Channel we will travel North through Discovery Passage and drive through Seymore Narrows Rapids over Ripple Rock, which is an infamous location due to the tumultuous tidal rapids known to all mariners on the coast. 

Every tour is different and what wildlife we see on tours varies depending on the seasonal migrations of marine mammals. You may encounter any number of Cetaceans- (Whales, Dolphin, Porpoise), Sealions, Seals, Bears, Marine Birds and Bald Eagles.

Once we arrive we will begin a Forest Bathing style interpretive hike where we discuss Forest Bathing, Coastal Temperate Rainforest ecosystems, Indigenous planet medicines, edible foods, cultural values of the Western redcedar, earthing, and our connection to all of IT. All the while hiking through rainforests teaming with consciousness. Go to our FAQ below to learn more about Forest Bathing.

Following the hike we will enjoy a fresh, homemade lunch at Blind Channel Resort. Thereafter, we will continue the adventure on a different route home to see more of the Discovery Islands and marine wildlife.

Note: Which route we take can vary on this adventure and is subject to weather, nevertheless no matter which way we navigate Northwest through the Discovery Islands, you will be immersed in some of the most beautiful and unique waterways in the world.

Book our Tree of Life hiking & forest bathing adventure

The Tree of Life tour is a premium, customized adventure that combines an exhilarating boat tour with an extraordinary hike in an old growth forest, our destination is Blind Channel Resort, where the Tree of Life – an Ancient Western redcedar resides.

  Once we arrive we will begin a Forest Bathing style interpretive hike where we discuss, Coastal Temperate Rainforest ecosystems, earthing, and our connection to all of IT, all the while hiking through rainforests teaming with consciousness.  

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Adventure Details


  • Bookings available from March through October.

  • Certified Naturalist, Guide and Boat Captain.

  • Please be advised the minimum age for this tour is 5 years old.

  • 12 people max.

  • Homemade lunches include as many organic ingredients as possible from Quadra Island. They include gourmet sandwiches, baked goods, tea, hot chocolate and coffee. Our signature, organic coffee is roasted right here on Quadra Island at Aroma Roasters. GF, V, VEG options available.

  • As of July 1st 2021 Masks are not required and up to the individual preference.

  • Sanitized Mustang Survival Suits, Toques/Beanies, Light Gloves & Goggles, Dry Bags are provided.

  • Note: This is a moderate, short hike, however a degree of comfort & fitness is required to hike, i.e. if there are serious mobility issues another tour may be better suited.

  • Minimum of 4 people required to run the charter.

    In the event that your adventure does not book at least 4 people we can move your party of 2 or 3 to another date and time, or provide you with a refund or gift card. It is rare that we do not make minimum capacity, thank you for your patience.

Rates & Additional Information


Adventure Rates and Associated Costs
  • Adult: $265 + $2 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.
  • Kids 12 and under: $222 + booking fee and taxes.
  • Private Charters
  • $1777 + $11 conservation fee
  • 15% Fuel Surcharge 
  • Gratuities are customary in Canada, but not included in rates and are at your discretion if you choose to tip your guide. 
What to bring
  • Bring warm layers and a reusable water bottle (water provided). Don’t forget your camera and sunscreen.
  • Light rain gear is a good idea if you have it to wear under Mustang Survival Suits on rainy days, and is nice to have for the hike. Rain Gear is not a requirement.
  • Hiking boots, or comfortable gum boots, no runners (in spring) the trails can be muddy. In summer runners are fine. Bare feet for Earthing will be encouraged at the Big Tree!
  • Small backpack for your water, and any personal effects you may want for hike.
  • Departures can be arranged for groups from Campbell River- Discovery Harbour Marina | Quadra Island – Quathiaski Cove. If you have a private booking we can pick you up at Heriot Bay, Taku Resort or Cortes Island at Manson’s Landing or Gorge Harbour.
  • Please arrive 20 mins prior to departure.
Public Departure
  • 9 am daily.
  • Afternoon charters can be arranged, if we are free. Give us a call or email. 
Private Charters

Choose a departure time that works for you, or email us to further discuss departure options.

Boat and Gear Sanitization

Boat and Gear sanitation provided by Envirocleanse-A, also known as “Anolite,” is a next gen commercial disinfectant that is non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and EPA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 ( For moreFor more information on our covid protocols see our covid safety plan in our Health and Safety Policy

Adventure FAQ


Where do we hike?

We hike to the old growth Western redcedar on a rainforest trail at Blind Channel Resort on East Thurlow Island in the Discovery Islands. 

How long is the boat ride and hike?

The boat ride is approx 1.5 hrs each way, but varies depending on wildlife sightings along the way. The hike is 1.5 hour round trip with time for Forest Bathing and interpretation and we have a 30 min break for lunch at the resort.

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is taking advantage of essential Forest Medicine with all 5 senses. To do this we simply spend time in the forest with a more conscious frame of mind, connecting to nature as you hike. You will learn the basics of Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) and simple Earthing techniques to increase vitality, basic Coastal Temperate Rainforest ecology, and new scientific findings on forest consciousness will be discussed.


Forest Bathing and Earthing reduce stress, improve sleep, improve immune function and much more. 

Are there bathroom breaks

There are accessible washrooms at the beginning and end of all tours and washrooms at Blind Channel Resort.

What wildlife will we see?

Every zodiac adventure to East Thurlow Island is unique and our route varies depending on the weather as well as wildlife sightings. We could see anything from bears, birds or whales and much more!